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We are a company with 75 years of trayectory dedicated to provide vacuum, high and ultra high vacuum solutions for all industries.

What we offer?

•  Sale, service and repairs of vacuum pumps of all type and brands.
•  Sale, service and repairs of blowers of all type and brands.
•  Sale of leak detectors and mass spectrometer.
•  Cryogenics (Piping/Storages service)
•  Sale, service and repairs of industrial ovens.
•  Oil treatment (Sale and repairs of equipment).
•  Lyophilization (Sale and repairs of equipment).
•  Hospital maintenance.
•  Vacuum accesories (valves, measurement equipment , etc).
•  Calibration of measurement instruments according to ISO/TS 3567/DakkS.
•  Leak detections and sale of leak detectors.
•  Proyects with vacuum aplication.

What industries we work?

We cover needs of companies, public and prívate institutions in:

Food – Hospital – Ceramic – Graph – Pulp & Paper – Aerospace – Pharmaceutical – Plastic – Metallurgical – Autoparts – Cryogenics – Gas – Packaging – Automotive – Optical – Research

Our history

In Terrada 2562, Villa Del Parque, 1944, Tec. Alberto Roux took his first steps in the industry, opening the doors of “Bomvacío" a repair and manufacturing workshop of vacuum pumps. Over the years and the experience inherited by his father, Pedro Roux continued to develop the technology of vacuum and high vacuum under the new name of “Cindelvac", expanding the workshop and increasing the working group.

Thanks to the knowledge developed and applied during more than 75 years of experience and the trust given by our customers, today Ruvac is dedicated to providing solutions of vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum nationally and internationally, with a work team led by Alberto's grandson, Guillermo Roux, focused on satisfying the needs of his clients.